I am always recommending books. Yay books! I love to read and has found that books and zines can be a helpful way to learn about many topics.

While I adore going to libraries (!!), used bookstores, and checking out feminist and LGBT and independent bookstores online such as Powells or Green Apple books or Bluestockings, I recognize that some people like purchasing books on Amazon.com.

If you prefer buying books through Amazon.com, please consider buying books through this site. Waves, A Psychological Corporation and I (Abi) have signed up for an Amazon Associate account. This mean that Waves, A Psychological Corporation will receive a percentage of the money that you spend at Amazon.com by clicking on one of the books linked below. I will not know who bought which books or receive a record of anyone's name who buys items through links below and believes strongly that if you like to read, please access books in whatever way is best for you. Please note that the money received from being an Amazon associate will be used to help my business stay strong.

Below are some of my favorite books and some books that are new to me. Please read on, knowing that not every book will be the best for everyone. If you are so inclined, please feel free to click through and purchase a book through these links.

I've also included a search box below that is set up to search for books about transgender identity, experiences, and / or history on Amazon.com that I may have missed in my search for my favorite tomes.