Freaked out?

Feeling Worried?


You wish you could just "let it go" like in the movie, Frozen, but you just cannot.

Sometimes when people tell you to just "chill out" or "calm down," it makes you feel even more worried. Try as you do, you just cannot seem to relax. Maybe it has been this way for a little while or perhaps since you can remember. You spend your nights lying in bed repeating the events of the day, wondering if you did the right thing or wishing that something else had happened. Have friends, family members, bosses, or your professors noticed how concerned you get about life? You want to feel more at ease and are interested in understanding what keeps you from relaxing. 

Therapy can often be helpful to people who experience anxiety. Counselors at Waves can work with you to assist in uncovering your relationship to anxiety, provide tools to learn to manage your nervousness, and work with your medical provider doctor, if applicable, to support you in feeling calmer. Contact Waves today to set up an appointment to see if one of their therapists is a good fit for your needs.