Sarah Jacobs-Paul, Psy.D. 

Psychology Assistant, PSB94023195  

Under the supervision of Dr. Abigail "Abi" Weissman, PSY 27497

Pronouns: she, her, hers


Who I am:

I am Dr. Sarah Jacobs-Paul, a registered psychological assistant # PSB94023195 working under the license of Dr. Abigail "Abi" Weissman PSY 27497. I am passionate about the individuals I work with and am highly dedicated and loyal to my clients. I am a collaborative therapist who will meet you where you are at. I will sit with you in your pain, and in your joy. I will work with you and hold your hope and give it back to you when you are ready to take it on. I will advocate with you and walk with you through your therapeutic journey. 

What I do:

I provide individual, couples and family therapy in an inviting, supportive, and safe environment. I encourage personal growth and lasting change through helping clients gain insight into the sources of their anxieties and learn to live a life as their best self. I work with individuals who are 15 and older. 

I specialize in working with clients who are willing and wanting to take a closer look, examine, and make sense of the complexity of their inner selves. I often work with clients experiencing anxiety, stress, life-transitions, relationship problems, or depression that is preventing them from reaching their full potential. I help my clients better understand their challenges, build resiliency, increase coping skills, and promote self-advocacy. I frequently see clients who have come to a place in their lives where they are wanting to take a hard look at their relationships. We don't live in a vacuum and what you do and say impacts other people and vice versa. We can explore what your relationships are currently like and help unearth the tools within you that can lead to more satisfying and healthy relationships.


I believe the therapeutic relationship is one of the most unique and powerful opportunities to experience growth and change.  In a safe and confidential environment, I endeavor to help a client feel like a healthier and happier human being who can reach their full potential.

Contact me today:

If the current road in the journey of your life has bumps, curves, and road blocks, I invite you to call me at 619-403-5578 ex 701 to set up a consultation.