Feeling sad or down?

Moody? Irritable?

Not interested in what you used to love to do?


Perhaps you are noticing that everything your family does bugs you when it never did before? Maybe you just have the blahs and nothing seems fun to do anymore.


You want to feel better. You are just not sure how to go about it. Maybe you have tried to "fake it" and paste a smile on your face but even if you fooled everyone around you, you still feel lousy. Maybe your friends just do not understand what you are going though or maybe you are afraid to burden them with all your thoughts and feelings.


Sometimes, it helps to talk to someone who is not part of your inner circle who has been trained in ways to support people who feel low or irritable or disinterested in what used to invigorate them. Together, we can examine what's been getting you down and what "feeling better" looks like to you.


Set up an appointment with a therapist at Waves

and start on your path towards health and joy today.