The loss pierces you. You hurt. You feel vulnerable and alone. When people say that they feel "sorry for your loss" you feel nothing, almost numb. You want to cry but you couldn't even cry when you thought you were supposed to. Your eyes were dry then. Sometimes you dry heave and at other times you just start bawling and can't stop. 

You want to get over it but you can't. Life is continuing around you and you look like you are too, but really you are pretending.

You haven't gotten over the breakup or the death (s) or the loss of your job or your illness or the loss of your friend

I strongly believe that grief can take quite awhile to fade and that you are often not the same person as you were before. I feel that most everyone can feel better even if their life is different than before.

This healing takes time, and one often needs to have a safe place to share their feelings. I work to create such a space where you can share your heartbreak and how it effects you. Here, I will deeply listen to your story and work to help you uncover the many meanings of your loss as you begin to move through your grief to a place of acceptance.

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