First of all, thanks for reaching out to connect.  

Dr. Abi Weissman will try her very best to get back to you within 24 hours. Her recent

record is calling back a potential client 5 minutes after a first call. 

Hearing Back

Dr. Weissman will email you back if you've emailed her. She will try and call you back if you have left a number for her to reach you. peak with you briefly about what brings you to therapy. If she feels that she can be of further assistance to you, Dr. Weissman ask you whether you plan to use insurance and if not, she will remind you of her private pay fee and see which office location (Poway or Hillcrest) will work best for you. She will work with you to find a good time for a first appointment.

Filling out paperwork

Before therapy can begin, Dr. Weissman needs you to read and sign some paperwork. She will ask you for a good email to send the paperwork to you. She will include her Privacy Practices, Limits of Confidentiality; Office Guidelines; and a Questionnaire about your what brings you to therapy. She will encourage you to fill the forms out online, but if this proves difficult, please let her know and she will gladly leave you a hard copy packet of forms in the waiting room. Please arrive 15 minutes early to your first appointment to complete the paperwork. 

Where do I go for the session? 

You will receive a text message or email before your first appointment (if you have indicated that you want a reminder on your forms).

If you are planning on meeting at the Hillcrest office on Wednesdays, please go to 3636 4th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103. Park in the garage below the offices or in the surrounding streets. Please leave extra time to find a spot. Then, head through the glass doors and into the elevator and up to the third floor. Please exit the elevator and take a right. The door to Suite 302 is on your right hand side. Please walk in and have a seat in the waiting room. Dr. Weissman will come out of the office to greet you and show you to her office.

If your appointment is at Dr. Weissman's Poway office, please go to 15525 Pomerado Road, Suite C-5, Poway, CA 92064. Please park in the outdoor lot. Dr. Weissman is located in Building C on the top floor. There is an elevator in the middle of the building. Please walk in the front door and help yourself to some coffee or tea. To the left of the coffee machine, there is a doorbell. Please ring the doorbell and let her know that you are here. Feel free to sit down and read a magazine or children's book or look at various posters and announcements on the wall.  Dr. Weissman will come through the door on the back left when you enter the office. The non-gendered bathroom is to the right. Please let her know if you need to use it before or after the session.

The first session

Dr. Weissman will show you to her office. After you make yourself comfortable on the couch, Dr. Weissman will review the forms with you and take your payment.  She will encourage you to ask any questions about the process or about her. She will then ask you some questions about your history / herstory and what your goals are in therapy. Near the end of the session, she will ask you how you feel in meeting with her, if there are topics that you would have liked to address that had not been discussed, if you have any questions for her, and if you would like to set up another appointment. 

When the session is over, she will walk you to the door and often open it for you. If you are in Hillcrest, feel free to exit the way you came. If you are in the Poway office, please exit to the door on the right; it will lead you back out of the office onto the walkway.

If you are at the Poway office, please feel free to visit the first floor water fountain on the way back to your mode of transportation. It can feel calming to sit for a bit by the rushing water. 

As you make your way to your next stop, congratulate yourself, you did it! You had your first appointment with Dr. Weissman. Should you have any questions for her, she is available by email at or phone (no texting available) at 619-403-5578, from 10 am to 8pm and would be delighted to hear from you.

Congratulations on thriving through your first appointment! You did it! Yay you!

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