Looking for an interesting and interactive diversity training or training series for your staff and/or trainees?

You have come to the right place!


( I ) Loved Dr. Weissman's energy and genuine love and presence!
Participant in "Trans - Affirmative Clinical Care Presentation

By providing a training or a series of trainings, Dr. Abi Weissman can assist you and your staff, interns, etc. become more knowledgeable about topics related to sexuality, gender, religion, and mental health, thus, allowing for a more culturally-aware work force. 


Instead of asking for "preferred pronouns," ask "what pronouns make you happy?" I like that.

Participant in "How to be an LGBTQ Ally" training


I love your authenticity, passion, emotion, and beautiful smile! Thank you for your thorough, informative, and heartfelt presentation. :)
Participant in "Trans - Affirmative Clinical Care Presentation

I am an enthusiastic and friendly presenter who deeply appreciates the opportunity to share my knowledge of sexuality, gender, religion, and mental health.

I loved the way Abi role-played how she would talk to a client in a challenging situation -- very real, really connecting and empathic.
Participant in "Transgender issues in the context of therapy" presentation
Abi, your energy was great and your knowledge on the subject matter was clearly expert level. I will keep you in mind for any future clients who may benefit from your care. Thanks for coming!
-Participant in "Transgender - Affirmative Clinical Care" Presentation

Presentation topics include:

  • LGBTQIQ 101
  • Being an LGBTQIQ ally
  • Negotiating sexual orientation and / or gender identity and religion
  • Protocol for writing letters in support of transgender clients
  • Defining terms
  • Learning appropriate and respectful terms to use with clients, coworkers, etc.
  • Making your workplace safe for LGBTQIQA workers
  • Polyamory awareness
  • Types of sexual behaviors
  • Grief and Loss

Experience providing presentations and trainings at various colleges, conferences, and community groups since 2000. 

The slides were dynamic and careful not to overwhelm. Really appreciated that.
-Participant in "Transgender - Affirmative Clinical Care Presentation"