Looking for an interesting and interactive diversity training or training series to host?

Wondering what the image displayed above means? (It's a BDSM / Kink Pride Flag)



By providing a training or a series of trainings, I can assist you and your staff, interns, etc. become more knowledgeable about topics related to sexuality, gender, religion, and mental health, thus, allowing for a more culturally-aware work force. 

I am an enthusiastic and friendly presenter who deeply appreciates the opportunity to share my knowledge of sexuality, gender, religion, and mental health.

Presentation topics include:

  • LGBTQIQ 101
  • Being an LGBTQIQ ally
  • Negotiating sexual orientation and / or gender identity and religion
  • Defining terms
  • Learning appropriate and respectful terms to use with clients, coworkers, etc.
  • Making your workplace safe for LGBTQIQA workers
  • Polyamory awareness
  • Types of sexual behaviors
  • Grief and Loss

Experience providing presentations and trainings at various colleges, conferences, and community groups since 2000. 

Please contact me to start organizing an interactive training today. 

I can be reached via the form below, by email at info@doctorabi.com, or by calling my office phone at (619) 403-5578 to set up a presentation and start the process to assist your colleagues, interns, and/or staff to become more knowledgeable today.

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