Feeling confused between being a queer Jew and a transgender Jew? Knowing strongly that you are both, a transgender Jew and a queer Jew? It can be tough to grow up Jewish or be a Jew of choice AND identify as LGBT.  Some therapists can be well-meaning but not understand the complexities surrounding being Jewish and LGBT. Annoyed that many gay events in San Diego often happen on Shabbat? Some are scared to come out to their parents that their sweetie is a Nice Jewish (or not so Jewish) Boy and not the Nice Jewish Girl that their parents expected them to date. Sometimes people can feel terrified that coming out as a lesbian will mean that your parents will sit shiva for you as if you had died or that they will disown you. It can be frightening to think about your gender or sexual identity let alone think about how these orientations or identities will affect your Jewish faith and community.

You are not alone. 

I have extensive training in working with queer, trans and Jewish populations.  I have experience serving on the board of directors and running a trans inclusive women's chavurah at a San Francisco LGBTQIQA - focused synagogue.

I wrote my clinical psychology dissertation on people who identify as transgender and as Jewish. If you want a psychologist who is knowledgeable about lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, intersex, transgender, and transsexual identities and orientations and Jewish life, culture, practice, and identity, my practice is a practice for you. 

Please call me at (619) 403-5578 for a free 15 minute consultation or set up an intake online and get started on defining what your religion and your sexuality and / or gender means to you.