Sometimes, you feel so alone. You have friends but none of them seem to know that you are in emotional pain. You feel lost. At times, you get up enough courage to tell your friends about what’s really going on for you, and they don’t understand why you are so upset. You feel sad, anxious, and angry and you just want to feel better but you don’t know how.


Feeling different, isolated, scared, and alone can be devastating when you want more than anything to be understood and loved and respected for who you are, not for what people expect you to be.


You want to find someone who will sit with you and really listen to your story and show you that you matter. That person won’t judge you negatively for being in pain. She will just give you the time you need to pour out all of your feelings and, if you feel safe enough, to look closely at your feelings and how these feelings affect your body, your sense of self, your relationships, and your identities. When you feel safe enough, you’ll even share how conflicted you feel about your different identities.


You want a psychologist who will show you she cares, that she wants you to feel heard, perhaps in ways you have never felt before. You want a psychologist who knows that race, gender identity, religion, and sexual orientation influence your life, and will talk with you about these issues even if they are hard to talk about. 


Working with Dr. Abi Weissman (PSY 27497) means having a place to explore all your feelings. Dr. Weissman helps create an environment to learn about yourself and work towards a happier and more authentic sense of who you are and what you want in your life.


Please call Dr. Weissman today at (619) 403-5578 or fill out the form below to set up an appointment for a 15-minute free consultation to begin to work towards a life where you are thriving. 

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