Been diagnosed with ADHD?

Not sure what to do next?

That's where we at Waves come in. You see, we know from personal experience AND from working clinically that being diagnosed with ADHD can be hard.  Some people feel so thrilled that they finally know why they struggle to organize their room or show up on time or can't stop moving. Others are horrified that their brain works differently than others' brains and that their symptoms weren't due only to stress. Still others refuse to believe that they have this diagnosis, even if their whole family (or other family members) have also been diagnosed with this disorder and some, understand that this is something new to their experience of themselves and yet still experience shame around having ADHD.

Waves' ADHD aftercare program was designed as a way to support those who have been diagnosed with any form of ADHD (Combined type; Inattentive type (formerly known as ADD); or Hyperactive type) come to terms with their diagnosis and help themselves enjoy lives that support them and their strengths.  We offer a blend of support and techniques to help adults with ADHD move more freely in the world. We offer groups and individual therapy for adults in general; queer and trans adults; and for mental health therapists. Contact us through the links below to get started on reducing your shame and supporting your strengths and creativity as a person with ADHD.


Individual Therapy for People with ADHD

Are you an adult who is looking for a place to make sense of your diagnosis and grieve the pain of learning more about your brain on a one-to-one basis? Click below to connect with Waves about individual therapy for people with ADHD (people with inattentive, hyperactive, and combined types are all welcome). 


Group Therapy for People with ADHD who Also Identify as Queer or Trans

Looking for a supportive community while you come to terms with your ADHD diagnosis? Group therapy can be a wonderful help to those coming to terms with a diagnosis. Join the group today and support and be supported by others like you. Click the button below to sign up for a 15 minute consultation with Waves.