Happy Transgender Day of Visibility!

Happy day to you!

I wore my new T-shirt celebrating transgender students while I worked on my computer in Hillcrest. I felt like I should be out and proud, and I was, but since the Hillcrest LGBT Center isn't having its celebration until April, and since I don't regularly see clients on Friday as it is one of my two days off, I felt strangely alone in my celebration. On Social Media, there was much talk about the day, but in real life, I didn't see anyone else sporting supportive shirts or waving flags. 


I wanted to send a shout out to all of you celebrating this special day. It's hard to be out as trans these days and yet, I know that many of you are out there anyways, living your life. I honor you as you journey through your life. 

In solidarity,

Dr. Abi Weissman

Transgender - affirming, LGBT-happy, social justice celebrating psychologist

Poway, CA and Hillcrest, San Diego, CA

This post is not meant to be taken as specific advice nor does this post imply a therapeutic relationship. Please rely on your intuition and your own individual licensed clinician to provide individual advice. If you are in search of a transgender affirmative clinician to work with and you are in the Poway, CA area, please do email me at info@doctorabi.com. I would love to set up a free 15-minute consultation with you to see how I can best help you on your path towards joy and fulfillment.