Waves is hiring! (Please Inquire within)

Waves Is Hiring in Poway, California

Waves Is Hiring in Poway, California

I'm thrilled to announce that Dr. Abi Weissman (that's me!) of Waves, A Psychological Corporation, is looking to HIRE a part-time licensed psychologist in Poway, California to meet the demand for our services. Yay!

This is a dream come true!

I cannot wait to have another licensed clinician available to meet the needs of our LGBTQIQA clients and clients-to-be.


Does this sound like you? You might be our kind of employee if:


When you walk into the first session with your ideal client, it feels fantastic.

You LOVE doing therapy!

You are a licensed psychologist, ethical, with strong boundaries, are social justice minded, LGBTQIQA knowledgeable and affirming, well-trained,


you are pretty good with almost anyone that comes in the door,

BUT with a selective group of clients,

you are truly GREAT!

The problem is, in your current work situation, you don’t get to see the kind of clients you love to work with and you don’t get to work in an LGBTQIQA-affirming environment.


You’ve thought about private practice, but the truth is -

you DON’T want to be a business owner

and to carry the stress that comes with that.


You get excited about talking to people, sharing what you do,

and even enjoy giving a talk to the community or writing an article from time to time –

BUT you don’t want to be bogged down with accounting, bookkeeping, business planning, and search engine optimization!


You’d really love to find a practice where you were a valued employee.

You’d like to feel like you were doing the therapeutic work you love

while working a reasonable schedule and being part of a truly wonderful community.


You want to be excited about seeing your coworkers, be able to have a quick laugh or kind word between sessions, and glad you had the time to

take care of yourself, feel excited about the clients you are working with, and jazzed about filling in as a supervisor from time to time. You also enjoy facilitating groups, individual and/or relationship/family sessions, and you adore that glow that comes at the end of a really hard clinical day because

**you know you did excellent, professional work**.


If this sounds like you, please send on over your resume, and a written (or video) cover letter to info@doctorabi.com , with the subject line: I want to work for Waves. Tell me about your professionalism, why you’d fit with this practice, and share with me about your experience with your ideal clients with whom you do your most empowering and fabulous work! I look forward to hearing from you.



Dr. Abigail “Abi” Weissman

PSY 27497

Waves, A Psychological Corporation

Poway, CA 92064



As always, this blog post from Waves, A Psychological Corporation, and its employees does not indicate that there is a clinical relationship with its readers. Waves shares general advice only and encourages that its readers speak to a licensed clinician for individual advice.