Interviewed: Kelly Higdon Interviews Doctor Abi

I was interviewed by the wonderful Kelly Higdon of fame about my private practice journey. This interview has both video and audio components. In it, I get all kinds of VULNERABLE as I share the UPs and DOWNs of starting a private practice.


If you don't want to know anything more about the person behind Waves, please don't listen or watch this interview.


If you do want a hint as to who I am, in real life, please feel free to click on through.

FYI, I don't usually share so much about me, where I am from, and the like, with clients, supervisees and in public. This is a rare view into the life of Dr. Abi Weissman, behind the scenes. 

As always, this blog post / interview does not indicate a therapeutic relationship between the reader and Dr. Abi Weissman. Please know that the information shared is not to be taken as individual advice.

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