Are you my next officemate (Poway, CA)?


I'm in search of wonderful officemates for my new suite in Poway. I'm open to having medical doctors, for instance, psychiatrists, in the suite or other psychotherapists or psychologists or somatic practitioners like massage therapists in the suite. 

As long as someone is respectful, licensed in their field, not a client of mine, and pays their rent on time, I would be honored to share the space with them.

I'm looking to create a warm and clean environment where people can feel safe to share their stories and be who they are. I am open to working with practitioners who see children, youth, families, older adults, younger adults and everyone in between and among. 

I only ask that no pets or strong scents like perfumes or smoking (anything) are present in the space and that clinicians pay the rent on time and treat the place, space, clients and their loved ones, their colleagues, and me with respect and kindness. 

Dr. Abi Weissman's and Waves, A Psychological Corporation's current mascot, the Wave. 

Dr. Abi Weissman's and Waves, A Psychological Corporation's current mascot, the Wave. 

If you know of anyone who might be interested, please don't hesitate to have them give me a call at 619-403-5578 or email me at . I am eager to have officemates again and look forward to welcoming new people into the suite. 

Thank you for passing along this notice of space available to your colleagues in San Diego, California and Poway, California. 


Dr. Abi Weissman

PSY 27497

As always, this blog post does not constitute or indicate a therapeutic relationship with Dr. Abi Weissman. Please contact a licensed provider in your location for clinical support.

If you are in the San Diego, California area, you are welcome to contact Dr. Weissman for information about her clinical practice or for ideas as to which provider might be a good fit for your needs.