Where is Dr. Weissman?

I pride myself on always being open to



increasing my cultural competence.  


I think it is vital to learn more about the communities I serve.

It is NOT

okay to be a person of transgender experience, history, or identity or a person of color or both and have to have the responsibility to fully teach your therapist.

Of course, you need to tell us YOUR story that is different and unique BUT you should not have to teach your therapist everything.


If I were privileged to be your therapist,

I want you to know that


if you share with me that you are part of a community, culture, subculture, religion, identify in a particular way,


I will go out of my way to learn more about the community on my own.


I have started an EVENTS page called “Where is Dr. Weissman?” This page is a way for you to see how and what I am learning about right now and who is teaching me. It is also a place to learn where I am sharing information with others. I hope to share some take away messages with you in my blog posts that are linked back to the events.


I am an active, learning participant and I attend trainings with my full authentic self.


I invite you to check out the page, click through to an event to learn my perspectives and, if you are so inclined, to call or email to schedule an appointment or schedule one online to talk more about how I can support you in YOUR journey towards being the happiest, healthiest you that you can be .