In support of the US Military service members and their loved ones: Becoming a TRICARE provider

I'm thrilled to report that I am now part of the TRICARE insurance panel. I applied to this panel because I work in San Diego, a city that hosts many military service members and their families, and I wanted to support the people who protect the USA and their families who adjust their lives to support them. 

I have worked with Veterans before as well as with active service members. While I have not served in the military myself, I have many loved ones who have, and it is because of how I have seen them support their loved ones or be supported by their loved ones during times of their military services that I wanted to become part of a military support system. By taking TRICARE insurance, I can do just that. 

In addition to generally supporting active service members and their loved ones, I want to empower and support transgender service members in overcoming barriers to transgender-affirmative social and medical care. Please contact me today through clicking on this link or by calling me to set up a free phone consultation to see if I am a good fit in your journey to thrive as your authentic self.