Moved to Poway, California!

I have moved offices from my Rancho Bernardo space to a new suite in Poway, California. While it is only about 3 miles away from my former office, it feels like a huge change for me.

I love the new space!

I am continuing to unpack my books and my magazines and some more books and slowly, the place is beginning to feel like home. 


I have some CHANGES to make too. I consulted with

an excellent decorator-interior designer-psychologist-friend who showed me how I could truly make the space my own.

There are many steps to making my suite into the warm and welcoming space I want it to be. My next steps are to settle on shades of colors that lift me up and provide lightness and depth to the space. Then, it's time to see how my space can be transformed through paint, furniture placement, and size, along with proper lighting and accessories, and my space will be ready.


In the meantime, I'm expecting frustration and chaos. A little like every process.


"I just want it to be done already," I heard myself telling my friend. 


And then she reminded me, that in every journey,

there will be those moments of wanting to look forward without taking stock of where 

I've come from

or where I am at

this moment.


I mean, after all, after just under 2 months of searching, 

I found my safe space.

A suite 

that I can design to embrace my 

LOVE of the SEA

and the WAVES that are both

calm and steady


CRASHING and seemingly ENDLESS 

with a strong undertow.


In this space, the richness of textures will celebrate the sand

where each grain is beautiful art in miniature.  

This space is for me to practice as an LGBTQIQA- affirming clinician and for my clients to have a safe space in Inland North County San Diego.

In this space, I will meet my clients and they will meet me.


Clients will be welcomed into an

LGBTQIQA-affirming waiting room with

transgender - affirming children's books

and zines honoring and depicting people with their identities. Rainbows will comfort those looking for Pride. A non-discrimination statement will remind people that in this space NO ONE is turned away because of difference


Here, there is a non-gendered bathroom for the ease of clients' use. 

The walls will feature local, queer, transgender, and/or female - crafted artwork showcasing the variety of waves that exist in artists' minds and in the world around us. 



One day, I hope to use the waiting room to

-host spoken word, poetry, art, and music events benefitting local organizations whose values this practice affirms.

-hold classes and lectures and workshops on transgender - affirming mental health care

-celebrate the opening of a center to train LGBTQIQA - affirming clinicians



the waiting room has plenty of chairs, a couple of mirrored walls, some LGBT - affirming statements, and lots and lots of possibilities.



Thank you to everyone who supported me in my journey to find new, safe spaces and to stay open and hopeful about the possibilities that moving to a new office can bring.




Dr. Abi Weissman


This blog post does not substitute for individualized psychological support and does not imply a therapeutic relationship with Dr. Weissman.