Teaching and Training, Oh My!

I have been really enjoying the opportunity to support new-ish and more experienced clinicians become more transgender - affirming in their work. 

Today, I spoke at a Human Sexuality class at my alma matter, American School for Professional Psychology at Argosy University - San Francisco Bay Area. I loved sharing information about how to be an advocate for one's client. We spoke about identity and identity politics. I showed a video. We looked at pictorial displays of identities together.

Students asked questions that I answered. I provided resources on religion and culture, and letter - writing. 

I told silly jokes. They laughed. I laughed. We laughed. 

We covered some intense material and I felt good knowing that although I was 8 hours south of them in San Diego, that the message of supporting transgender clients could come through loud and clear. 

I really enjoyed the class and would love to have the opportunity to teach again. 

I provided an overview about some of the issues that I've dealt with as both a psychologist with clients of transgender experience, history, and identity and as a person who identifies as under the transgender umbrella myself.

I enjoy working with students who are new to working with transgender clients and addressing the concerns of more experienced clinicians on deeper, more nuanced ideas and clinical practice. 

Please contact me at 619-403-5578 or info@doctorabi.com and bring me to your class, lecture, seminar, or heck, let's draft up a workshop or semester course together. I'm only a phone call or email away.


Dr. Abi Weissman

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