Resources mentioned in ADHD Rewired Podcast, Episode 174

I wanted to share some of the resources I mentioned in the podcast, episode 174, "LGBTQIQA and Coming Out ADHD" of ADHD Rewired, with the wonderful Eric Tivers, LCSW. He was super awesome and put some links out there already.

Because I adore resources and connecting people to resources, I wanted to share some more of my favorites with you.


In no particular order because of how much they all rock, here are some resources that I have used and delight in for treatment of ADHD that were listed in this episode:


Organization and Scheduling

She is this wonderful person who taught be about being organized and the importance of keeping up with my practices daily or at least, weekly or monthly. She’s super cool about many things and really helps people who are not Born Organized get to better understand their space and their stuff. Things I don’t love about her include her heterosexism. She tends to only talk about DH’s (dear husbands) in relation to DW (dear wives). There’s also some religious posts out there but I tend to ignore those. Also, her website can be overwhelming to read. She now has a free app which I enjoy using and I heart her youtube crisis cleaning video. She did also introduce me to which is a family calendar that helps me organize what each family member does when. Each family member is color coded! If you run out of family members but have more schedules to put on your calendar, you can either set up a calendar for that activity (like a softball schedule calendar) or attach a calendar to a member of your family that is not human. For instance, I attach the Jewish holiday calendar to our Plants category. It’s not perfect as it is now owned by a big corporation but it has kept its personality since being bought out which is nice. I also love that has a meal planner and shopping list feature built right in. I love it.


Therapeutic Note Taking – otherwise known as the Joy of Paperwork

I learned about doing my notes better from Dr. Maelisa Hall and her services .   I’m still working on perfecting my system, but it’s loads better since I found her work. She was the one who shared with me (and ya know, the rest of the world) about collaborative note taking, and my world has never been the same!


Autistic and Transgender People

I mentioned Finn Vivian Gratton, LMFT in the podcast as Finn was a presenter at a conference I attended in Berkeley, CA. Finn does therapeutic work with people who identify as transgender and autistic and Finn’s workshop helped me better understand how to serve this community. While I always have more to learn, I credit Finn with showing me resources and reminding me to keep looking for ways to better attend to my clients’ needs. Here is Finn’s website: with all the super awesome links and the like: Here is my blog post on Finn’s presentation at the conference. 

Groups and Associations and Movements

San Diego Psych Association We love new members. You can join if you are a student, intern, postdoc, licensed or unlicensed clinician. Providers who are not psychologists can join too. We love building community!

Anti-Conversion Therapy Conference that came to San Diego

-the protesters’ main page (#NOPE)

-the National Public Radio interview I participated in with San Diego Psych Association’s President, Dr. Annette Conway

-the LGBT Committee of the San Diego Psych Association where I am the Chair We would love your participation. We try to have events most months. We have a listserve and a list of LGBT Affirming clinicians in the San Diego area. Our next event is marching at San Diego's LGBT Pride. 

Those are many of the resources I presented on the podcast (both the edited and unedited versions) or wished I had had time to say.

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about these resources or want to know more about one that I missed discussing here.


As always, this blog post does not imply a therapeutic relationship between Waves, A Psychological Corporation, and its readers. Please note too that this is general advice. Please see a licensed clinician or counselor in your area for resources helpful to you.

If you are in the Poway, California area  and looking for individual therapy for people with ADHD, or group therapy for clinicians with ADHD, or group therapy for people who have ADHD and identify as LGBT, please click HERE to learn more about ADHD Diagnosis Aftercare at Waves!


Dr. Abi Weissman

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