Therapy for Lesbians and Queer Women

Therapy for Lesbians and Queer Women

By Abi Weissman, Psy.D. at


Wondering where the lesbian women are in San Diego? Feeling frustrated that you can't find queer women like you? Missing the lesbian clubs like they had where you used to live? Wrestling with the INTERSECTION between your race, culture, ethnicity, and/or religion and your sexual orientation? Feeling lonely? Have a sweetie or two but not sure where in the county it is SAFE to hold their hand(s) and where you will be in danger if you do so? It can be challenging to find safe spaces to be your full self, let alone find a rich COMMUNITY of people who get you. 

Perhaps, you are questioning your gender presentation or identity? Maybe you feel butch some days and femme other days? Or you identify as a femme dyke and only date femmes and wonder if this is normal? Maybe you don't identify with a particular lesbian gender or any gender at all? You want a place to figure out how or where you fit or don't fit as a gendered person.

Dr. Weissman can help you navigate the complexities of your lesbian gender presentation and identity. 

Freaked out that you might be a lesbian? Scared that you might not be one? Whether it is because of your crush on your hot female coworker, your deep feelings for your male best friend, that your beloved girlfriend recently came out to you as a man, or for some other reason, you feel confused.

You want to see a psychologist who understands that it can be difficult to figure out your sexual orientation.

You want to work through your questions, fears, and hopes and come to your own conclusion about who you are. 

Dr. Abi Weissman is a lesbian, queer, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender non-conforming - affirming psychologist who will help you find YOUR UNIQUE PATH to better understand yourself.

Dr. Abi Weissman (PSY 27497) has a Master of Arts degree in human sexuality studies. She studied lesbian gender identity and the ways in which femme lesbian women are portrayed in a popular annual of lesbian erotic stories. She has been trained as a SEX EDUCATOR and is a KINK and POLY - affirmative psychologist.  In addition, Dr. Weissman is a WOMAN-FRIENDLY provider, meaning that she values the time and effort of women to know themselves and recognizes sexism and misogyny as real forces of oppression in the world. 

Please call Dr. Abi Weissman at 619-403-5578 to set up an appointment to better understand your sexuality and gender identity.